Introducing IcyDreads

My name is Rannveig, and IcyDreads has over the years grown from hobby to a full time job. I discovered synthetic dreads around 2008 via the British goth/rave underground fashions(on the internet, in a small Norwegian town), and inspired by this I took it upon myself to infuse the genre with Scandinavian elegance. 

Since then I've put in my 10 000 hours of work, and consider my speciality to be long lengths and natural color blends.

Tiny timeline:

  • 2012 -self declared professional
  • 2014 -opened up for international orders
  • 2015 -first year working full time
  • 2018 -left the home office, entered real work studio. Certified salon nr.1

In 2019 my focus is on shortening the waiting time, by making a range of upgrades. If you've followed my work for a while, you know I've had many months long waiting lists since the beginning, but with the shop solution and planned collections my work day will soon become much more effective. Interesting times ahead indeed!